What are the benefits of a Pikler?

There are tons of pikler triangle benefits for you and your kids!

The climber encourages kids to develop their gross motor skills. In my experience, it helps them become more adventurous and brave!

Toddlers naturally LOVE to climb! A pikler triangle gives them a safe place to climb and teaches them the fine motor skills and gross motor skills needed to climb safely.


Is the Pikler safe?

The pikler triangle was designed to encourage independent play. Kids – especially toddlers – should be supervised. Place the triangle on a soft surface – not concrete. Rug, carpet, or grass is best.

NEVER leave a kid alone on a pikler triangle. They should be supervised – but allowed to climb independently.

What age is a Pikler triangle good for?

Pikler triangles can be used by babies as small as 6 months and kids as old as 4 or 5 years old, depending on their weight.


What paint do you use?  Is it toxic?

Our natural set is not painted at all!  It is 100% natural wood.  The milk paint option for the dowels and holds is ZERO VOCs.  It is safe and non toxic.


What size do you recommend?

I get asked many times, what pikler triangle do you recommend?  The answer is, it depends on you and your child!    I have had little ones at the age of 1 also master the large triangle!  While the regular triangle is more suited for younger kids, even older kids enjoy it still!

What ramp do you recommend?

This also comes down to personal preference.  The slats are a bit easier for younger children to climb, but it depends on the child.